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Sokoban game description

Glad you choose to play on our website. In this game you will come to the underground maze where the wealth is buried. Anyone who places them there is probably concerned about their security and wants to hide this truth by burying traditional wooden boxes in the appropriate position.

In the game called Sokoban, you must support the hero to solve problems related to the arrangement of blocks inside a limited area. Make the necessary adjustments to the items on yellow beans. When their box is installed, it will turn red and you will have the option to send the hero to the next goods. You need to calculate step by step moving and verify it for each individual block, each block has its own route. In case you make mistakes, you will have to start the re -issuance process. You have the right to choose to make water before.


Hiroyuki Imabayashi is the developer of this game.

How to play

The interface of the game is a square. In total, there are many blocks and all they must be moved to the final position in a continuous motion (the number of cells must be exactly equal to the number of square blocks). Each square block can be pushed in one direction because they cannot be dragged in both directions, nor can they only push one or two blocks.

If the square block is based on the wall so that the two sides of the wall forms angle, it will stick to the wall. It is considered that this block is lost because it is difficult to pull the block and it cannot be transported to the destination unless the destination is right on the edge of that wall. Bringing the block to the destination will be impossible. When you are playing, you should try to prevent sticking to the wall.


Your goal in this game is very simple: Move the wooden boxes (boxes) to the display position on the screen where they arrive. Use your logical thinking ability to offer a strategy to bring you to the destination with the least possible.