Square Bird

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Complete the task in Square Bird

Welcome to the Square Bird game. Here, you will control a square bird moving on uneven terrain and reaching the finish line. Let's play and conquer it!

In this game, you will control a square bird so that it can reach the finish line. The obstacles that the bird encounters are the platforms. These platforms can appear in the sky or they can also appear on the ground. You adjust the height of the bird so that these platforms can be avoided. When you move the bird to the finish line, you need to adjust the height of the bird so that it is as tall as the flag. When the bird touches the flag, the flag will be pulled up and you pass the challenge. You will fail when you are stuck on the platform.

Control: You click on the square bird to change its height.

Buy your favorite skin

In its default form, the bird looks pretty boring. You need to earn coins to buy a skin for your bird. The game has created tons of cool skins in the game's store. The skins with different colors also have different prices. Choose your favorite skin.