Stack Builder Skyscraper

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About Stack Builder Skyscraper

What are you waiting for without playing Stack Builder Skyscraper? This is a fun construction game where you can build your own skyscrapers.

Advances in science and technology have made people's lives easier. The development of technology has brought a new step in the way of construction. Now, the builders do not need to build every wall in the air anymore. Currently, the floors of the building have been completed. The job of the builder is to put the buildings together. Now, you can experience this new way of building in the game Stack Builder Skyscraper. What are you waiting for without playing?

Build the tallest building

The pre-built floors are being hung by cranes. Your task is to control the falling direction of the floors to create the most solid buildings. The floors have been built solidly, your task is just to stick them together. In order for these buildings not to fall, you must build the strongest foundation possible for the building. What is the tallest building you can build? Challenge yourself in the Stack Builder Skyscraper game and build the tallest building you can.

Control: The floors are hanging in the air you click to drop the floors down and connect them together.