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StarBlast is an exciting multiplayer arcade shooter that takes place in space. You can win by mining asteroids and participating in battles with other players.

About StarBlast - Choose your game

Start playing this epic game, experience intense and dramatic battles with powerful weapons. You can play on web browser, Android, iOS developed by Neuronality. Build and master your ship and defeat all enemies. Don't miss a moment right now and enjoy it with your friends.

Join the fray while piloting your very own fully upgradeable spaceship. Collaborate with other members of your team to ensure success. In StarBlast, you can choose from four different game types. Team mode, survivor mode, invasion and professional death match are the many game modes available. Because you'll have other players on your team to help you out, team mode is a great place for novice players to get their feet wet. Choose one of the following three main groups:

  • League
  • Sovereign Trappist Colony
  • Orion Arm Association

The goal of the game StarBlast

To get the crystals in the game, you first need to eliminate a variety of enemies and asteroids. Using these crystals you can buy new ships, upgrade ones you already have, or buy extra life for ships you already own. All these options are available to you.

Try to mine the gems

Gems are essential to the functioning of the StarBlast economy. You can get them by mining asteroids and destroying ships belonging to opposing forces. Simply shoot the pebbles at each other until they explode. Make sure you are aiming for rocks that are proportional to the size and power of your ship.

Upgrade your ship

You can use the gems you earn to buy upgrade accessories if you want. You can use gems to buy upgrades, but you can also convert them to credits and use those credits to buy more weapons in your team headquarters. You have the ability to create seven decks, each contributing to the overall increase of the ship's cargo capacity.

You'll see an upgrade option at the bottom of the screen. These gems are instantly upgraded whenever they are used with these goods. Here's a list of the improvements you'll notice there, starting from left to right:

  • Shielding ability
  • Shield regeneration
  • Energy capacity
  • Energy regeneration
  • Train speed
  • Agile train
  • Laser damage
  • Weapon Speed

Join the battle with other players

Fighting other ships is an important part of the excitement. You should cautiously use your ship's speed to flee the conflict and mine resources to build strength before going to war. Maintain a collection of new additions to your arsenal and work on improving your attack and defense numbers as much as possible.

Features of the game

  • Exciting gameplay with loads of prizes and opportunities to improve your ship
  • There are four compelling play styles and three different factions.
  • A dynamic online game featuring intense clashes between spaceships
  • A modding community focused on active user engagement

Game control

Use up and down arrow keys to control and left mouse to shoot.