Stick Monkey

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About Stick Monkey

Your monkey cannot advance in this fascinating game, he is holding a stick in his hand and needs help. Use the cane to assist the monkey in walking and be sure to adjust the length of the stick so that it does not cause the monkey to fall and can land safely.

You will travel on a variety of challenging routes, including those located in urban areas, deserts and mountainous terrain. And no matter which way you look at it, the monkey still needs your help. This is a highly rated and popular video game. Because this will be the only option for you to win a significant number of points, you will need to pay attention to detail and maintain your focus at all times. The further you make it, the more points you get!

Game Instructions

This game can only be played with the mouse. Then start the game using the arrow button.

Notes on how to play

Touch and hold the screen for as long as you like to see how long the stick will last until the monkey can reach the safe area. You need to make wise choices because if it's too short or too long, the game is over for you.

Other information

This is a game with easy to understand mechanics, suitable for people of all ages; you can play it whenever you have free time or with some friends. Join us and experience any of the countless other games we offer on our website. For example pizza tower game is also the game that I want you to play and try the next experience. I hope that you have a great time here!