Stone Miner Online

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About Stone Miner Online

Stone Miner Online is a game of skill. Where you use your truck to exploit resources available in the game. To get rich, you need to collect a lot of stones.

Come to Stone Miner Online, an online game where you use your truck to smash rocks, mine materials, sell those resources on the base, and improve your vehicle to earn even more. You can explore many different types of islands, and the more you go, the more rare ores you will find. Make an effort to improve the performance of your car by installing upgrades! You will have the opportunity to test your driving skills in this free online game by driving a very unique type of vehicle equipped in front of a powerful weapon that can break rocks into stone. very small pieces.

How to play Stone Miner Online

You use your mouse to control your grinder across the map, collecting stones and ores as it passes through boxes containing them. You continue this process until the blender is full. Immediately make your way to the store to sell the stone in exchange for money and when you do, remember to use that money to buy a stronger and faster blender as well as boost items Other interesting powers.

The more you improve, the more difficult the map becomes but your new machines will take care of it for you. If you have plenty of cash, don't be afraid to buy more pets from the pet store so they can help you or simply keep you company. We wish you the best of luck and we encourage you to stay tuned for more of our daily fun games. Good luck!

The goal of the game

Your goal in this game is to collect stones to sell and with the money earned you can improve your mining vehicle or buy a new one to continue mining the increasing number of stones. You can even get adorable little pups that are small enough to fit on your truck and accompany you while you work.