Subway Surfers Cambridge

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Subway Surfers Cambridge is a very hot game in recent years and is a small part of the Subway Surfers series. Join the game set in the UK city of Cambridge. You will play the role of a naughty boy who has a beautiful drawing talent. However, the place this naughty boy chooses to show his artistic talent is not very supportive. Those are the train stations. Here he used paint to paint the walls and hull. This made the guard and his dog downright angry. To stop the boy, the guard ran after him and gave chase. Your task here is to help the boy escape the guard by running fast, dodging the oncoming ships or countless obstacles on the way.

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a game on the mobile platform that has been so popular with everyone, but now we have put it on the website, making it easier for more players to access the game. This is also what we are doing with titles like Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Pizza Tower, Super Mario Advance 4,... The game has a lot of different characters for people to choose from with different fashion styles. or different jumping abilities. To be able to unlock characters and accessories to increase the uniqueness. Players will have to collect coins as much as possible or you have to complete the tasks given. After completing the task, you will receive coins or collectible pieces to be able to combine into valuable items.

Detailed instructions for playing Subway Surfers Cambridge

To start the game, you will have to use the left and right arrow keys to control your character to turn left or right. Press the up arrow to help you jump high to collect coins or to jump over the barricades. Press the down arrow to roll through the openings.

Pick up coins

On the way to escape, you will see a lot of coins. The more you collect, the higher your score will be, helping you soon be able to buy your favorite items


Trains, barriers are obstacles that you will encounter on the way. Your job is to jump, roll, dodge left and right to avoid these obstacles

Power-up items

In addition to the obstacles, you will encounter items such as jet sets, skateboards, magnets and jumping shoes, etc. When you pick up these items, your strength will be increased and Speed is also significantly improved.

With these instructions, I believe you will have the most enjoyable and fun gaming time possible. Good luck with this game!