Super Mario Advance 4

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Super Mario Advance 4 is the last part in the Super Mario Advance series that has stormed the game market since 2003 until now. Super Mario Advance is still the game that brings the most memories to the generation of gamers. Although there are not too many improvements in sound or graphics in this version, in return, the manufacturer has added compatibility features super mario advance 4 e reader level. These cards will be scanned and give you power-ups or can make up in-game demos

Super Mario Advance 4 E Reader Level

Super Mario Advance 4 E Reader Level are accessory cards that allow the player to swipe to unlock levels or possibly power-ups. The e reader tags have many different levels, but typically we can mention as

  • World - e: This is the first level and to open this level we will have to use the World - e card. This level is further subdivided into 6 new levels that allow the user to power up and get new outfits like the frog suit and the Tanooki suit.
  • Mushroom Kingdom: This second level will be unlocked when you use the classic world card. And the special feature of this level is that it has only one new level and if you have ever played Super Mario Bros, this level has the same design as game.
  • Riches and ropes: Use wealth cards and coins to open this fourth level. This level does not contain a lot of ropes and a mysterious item waiting for you to discover
  • Airship's Revenge: Coming to this 5th level, we will have to unlock it by swiping Koopa's fleet card. This is a very dangerous card as it contains all the balloons and cannons, be careful when using it
  • The Hunt for Red Coins: At level 6, unlock it with the Mario Bros card. In this level the player will have to collect 8 coins
  • Koopa's Army Invasion: Next comes level 7, scan Bowser's trap cards to unlock this level. And it's just full of koopa troopas and enemies ready to take you down
  • Bowser Castle 3: This final level will be scanned and unlocked with Bowser castle cards. Coming to this level, you will have to fight directly with the final boss Bowser.

On that, we have listed all the cards. However, a note to you is that this function has been discontinued and now it is very difficult to find the e reader tags to unlock the tags. However, do not worry, because with the game version running on the website, the developer has unlocked all levels

Control Guide for playing

For the best website gaming experience, we web developers have created function keys that are relatively easy to use such as:

  • Arrow key: Use these arrow keys to move the character up and down left and right. Remember to press the down arrow or the up arrow to enter the door or go down the sewer
  • Z key: This is the key that has the function of making the multiplier jump and jump away from monsters or sections with no path
  • X key: When you reach the highest level of Mario's evolution, the X key will be the key to attack the targets you aim at by turning and swinging the tail at the opponent.
  • Spacebar: Press SPACEBAR to cycle through available powerups when acquired.
  • Enter/Return key: Press Enter or Return key to pause the game.

In addition to these basic keys, the game developer also gives you the option of playing buttons so that playing the game is most convenient for you. Hope everyone has a good time playing the game and if you want to try other games that may have similar content, you can try our home game Pizza Tower or other games in the new game section and hot game