Sushi Party

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About Sushi Party

The snake game called Sushi Party has a Kawaii aesthetic. Now you are in an arena. You will be in charge of one of the snakes, and the goal of the game is to make the other snakes collide with you. The more sushi you feed the snake, the longer and bigger it will live. The challenge ahead is to hone your character until it's as formidable as it can be. On the screen, a certain area will appear and this is where your snake will lie. Let this party begin, shall we? There will be a variety of foods scattered throughout the area.

Your snake's growth rate and length will be proportional to the amount of food it consumes. However, if you come across another snake while playing Sushi Party, it doesn't matter how big your snake is, you will still be out of the game. Sushi Party players have access to a leaderboard in the top right corner of the screen, which allows them to track where their snake currently stands in the overall leaderboard.

How to play Sushi Party

By using the joystick, you will need to specify the direction in which your character will move in order for the game to continue. When you possess it, your hero will be forced to consume food, which will cause him to increase in size. You will be required to engage in combat with other players' characters if you encounter any weaker than your own. If you successfully destroy your opponent, you will get extra points and bonuses.

Specific control

You can move using the mouse or arrow keys. To increase your speed, use the up arrow buttons on your keyboard.