Tactical Assassin

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Play Tactical Assassin

Welcome to our extremely interesting game. Play the game with the excitement and drama that you may have never experienced. Become the most professional shooter with the top skills, starting to defeat your opponent right now!

Your goals in the game

You are the top assassin with top sniping skills, and in this game you will get a mission and do it alone. Read the mission description intently to avoid accomplishing your goals. Be careful because there are some ways to ruin a mission. To see the mission description, click the arrow. Both your main goals and sub -goals must be followed. You will be provided with an objective description to ensure that you do not kill outsiders carelessly.

Give strategies and eliminate targets

You will not succeed in your mission if you act quickly and do not think carefully. Hit your target while reading on the train, defeating the Embassy official or the agency's indicator. Sometimes, you may need to act quickly to keep your goals in sight. Are you ready for this violent shooting mission?

How to play?

  • To play the game you need to know some of the following controls:
  • Arrow key = Summary test
  • Arrow key down = Start mission
  • Mouse pointer = goals
  • Left mouse button = shoot