Tactical Assassin 3

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Description of Tactical Assassin 3

Tactical Assassin 3 is an exciting action game that is the sequel to the sniper game. Use the top gun and continue the missions you are assigned.

You have just become a member of a new group and are being asked to demonstrate your abilities as a sniper. After completing a simple test, you will be asked to do the main quests and eliminate the caliber objectives. Do you believe you have what it takes to become an expert in the field?

In Tactical Assassin 3, like in previous sniper games, you must carefully go through the mission summary before deciding when and where to make your shot. You will gain access to more powerful weapons and equipment with each mission that you successfully complete.

Main content and quests in the game

You will have the option of playing the game in a realistic or arcade style when you are just starting out. Since realistic setups are more difficult, you'll need to pay more attention to factors like distance and wind. Because it will be more difficult as you complete the missions in this mode, you will have a greater chance of earning points. In the arcade mode you are free to use any weapon or piece of armor you like, but completing the missions doesn't win you any money.

You will begin each exercise with a task summary that will explain to you what you need to accomplish to accomplish the goal, in addition to providing you with other important information. To start work, click the "Execute" button. Use your mouse to navigate your point around the screen while you're on a mission to define your target. If your viewfinder supports zooming, using the space bar will make it zoom in. Pressing the space bar multiple times will make it cycle through different zoom levels. Just press the left button of the mouse when you are ready to shoot!

Every time you complete a mission in real mode, you will be awarded money. This money can be used to buy various equipment, like more powerful guns, scopes, etc. You also have the opportunity to get coins by completing specific goals, such as reaching a specific level of accuracy.

Helpful Note

  • Make sure you watch the mission carefully, missing the goal even once will lead to instant failure.
  • Consider distance, as well as wind.
  • Be careful with how you spend your money because if you sell your weapon by mistake, you won't have the money to buy another weapon!
  • You won't be able to zoom in unless you have a zoom scope connected to your gun.
  • Take some Diazepam to help smooth out your movement so you can hit harder shots.

How to control

  • Use mouse to aim and shoot.
  • Use the R key to reload.
  • Use the F key to take the potion.
  • Space: Zoom/Continue.