Tallman Run

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Play Tallman Run

The running character Tallman needs your help as he confronts a monstrous foe. Go to the end of the level, pass the final track, and while you're at it, pick up boosters to make yourself bigger and taller, and increase your chances of collecting as many diamonds as you can .

How to fight monsters?

In order for the hero to complete this task, he must make himself larger in both height and width. Stay away from blue gates with positive plus or multiplier values and red gates with negative subtraction or division. Also, stay away from various obstacles that are likely to steal the goods you have purchased. To hit the robot's metal face at the finish line, you'll need to conquer the challenges and make sure you don't miss any pink crystals.

You can also maintain your height and strength by using the trampoline to jump over other players and red gates, overcome obstacles and raise your score. This will allow you to maintain your height and maintain muscle mass. Once you have been assessed as soon as you arrive, you will immediately begin to see your height and weight decrease. You can also raise your total by watching a brief bonus ad that will increase the number of diamonds you have collected by five times.

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Game control

Play the game by clicking and dragging your mouse to move your character left and right.