Teleport Jumper

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Description Teleport Jumper

Robert Alvarez is the designer of this two -way puzzle platformer game. Now you are lost in a maze lying underground. The only way out is to go through the emergency gate, but I don't know how you are going there. You are lucky because you can access the platforms that will help you overcome challenges and achieve your goals. At each level, you have a limited amount of time for you. First and most importantly, think and create a strategy.

Take advantage of the ability to move immediately when the distance is close to overcome the challenges and reach the exit of each game screen. To open a new box you can manage and this box will act as your revival position, use the moving key. To successfully complete the level and access the port, you need to make an accurate plan where you will go immediately and choose your actions carefully.

How to control Teleport Jumper online?

When playing on a desktop, you can control your character with a keyboard. Use buttons displayed on the screen of the touch device. Use left and right arrow keys to go to the side you choose. You can dance with an arrow. Just create the desired form by pressing Z or method. To navigate inside it, you can use the arrow keys. Then, press the Z button or how to land. Make changes in air flow to access space.