Temple Run 2

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Temple Run 2 is a very hot game from 2013 onwards released by a game studio. The game has been received by a large number of users and can be played on many different platforms

About Temple Run 2

Entering Temple Run 2, you will be playing the role of an ancient temple explorer. During the expedition, this adventurer accidentally took away a god statue. That angered the demons guarding the temple. Your job is to help this adventurer run as far as possible

The important and also the only goal of this game is very simple. That is you have to run as far as possible without being caught by the demons. By performing pre-equipped skills such as jumping over rocks, flames or sliding on waterfalls, crawling through branches. There's even a rope swing, which will make you faster to the finish line and out of reach of the demons

Temple Run 2 has many characters to choose from, each with their own unique abilities and powers. The game also includes various obstacles, such as fire traps, collapsing bridges and spinning blades, which must be avoided.
Not just limited to one character. Temple Run 2 offers a lot of different characters for you to choose from, and of course. Like many role-playing games, each character you choose will have different characteristics. And to be able to increase power or change new characters, you need to eat as much gold along the way as possible

In the game, you can also experience many different game modes and there are goals to complete to unlock a new item or character. Not only let you feel the game alone, the game publisher also brings you out to interact with the whole world when creating a global leaderboard so that players can compare their scores with other players.

How to play:

You can use arrow keys or AWSD to play this game