Tiny Fishing

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Tiny Fishing brings you to the large ocean to experience fishing in different depths. Remember to unlock and upgrade your hook to catch more valuable fish. Fishing has always been one of the favorite relaxing games of many players because of its strange entertainment. Tiny Fishing is perhaps considered one of the most iconic in the gaming world. Why? Let's see the reasons in the rules of the game and what is the last animal in Tiny Fishing section.

Rules Of The Game

Rules of the game are quite simple when you just need to move your hook left and right to catch the fish swimming in the ocean. When taking this action, there are two factors that affect your fishing yield. The first is the number of fish caught by that hook. The second factor is the depth of the hook that can be moved. A regular hook only allows you to catch 3 fish at a time. If you want to increase this number, you need to upgrade your hook. Besides, the deeper your hook moves down, the more valuable fish there are. This is good for your fishing trips.

What Is The Last Animal In Tiny Fishing

Tiny Fishing has a lot of different types of fish. The most valuable fish are located at the bottom of the ocean. It's called the Legendary Fish with a $5,000 value.