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Toops is an interesting digital ball game. Drop the ball down and break the circle containing the number below as soon as possible before it moves upward.

About Toops

How long can you break and score points in this toops game? It also requires you to have good skills to destroy all the balls below. This game belongs to the addictive entertainment genre, and I am very happy if you can play it happily at this website!


You are provided with certain balls to drop. Below the screen are a number of circles, and their characteristics are contained inside. Your mission is not to let them move up. Once the ball touched the circle, the shadow number in that circle was reduced. Each shot as much as possible.

Tips to play

You should remember that the numbers inside the circle are different, so you need to calculate how to break it quickly. You shoot the more points you increase. The game is unlimited at the limit of the level and does not limit its play time. However, the drama of this game is that each time you drop the ball to shoot, the numbers below will move upward.

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How to play

Use a mouse to play, click and pull to shoot the ball. You can also play on your mobile phone by stroking the screen.