Traffic Command

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Traffic Command is the greatest arcade game for you to experience the life of a traffic controller. You have the right to turn on and off the traffic light. In the real light, this job is automatic or the police will do this task. However, in this game, you can experience this feeling. Are you ready to experience it?

What Will You Do In Traffic Command

As a traffic controller, you have control over the traffic lights. There are two traffic lights at level 1 and vehicles are coming to the crossroads. You need to use the traffic lights suitably to make sure that there is no collision. If this happens, the game will end and you need to restart the level.

In particular, when you proceed to high levels, you will face more challenges with more vehicles and more traffic lights. It requires players to have logical thinking to solve different situations.

Notes For You

When playing, you should know that you also can lose if you turn on the red light for a long time. Vehicles are busy and they will not wait for you. In addition, in order to complete tasks in this Traffic Command game, let's master control buttons. It's easy when you only need to click on the traffic light to change the color.