Vegas Crime Simulator

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Vegas Crime Simulator is a game with dramatic gameplay that is extremely attractive to players. You will join the journey into the criminal world, becoming the most aggressive thug in the city.

You have come to Vegas Crime Simulator, a game filled with engaging content that will take you on an adventure into the criminal underworld. Take on the role of a known criminal and roam the vast, complex underworld of the city, where danger lurks around every corner and gang warfare is the norm.

By doing the most daring robberies and thefts in the city, you can become the most powerful and fearsome thug. You have the ability to make your own decisions and choose your own path, no matter if you want to be an evil gangster or a brilliant bandit who considers everything. You can build the most powerful crime empire in Vegas on your own or with the help of your gang. In this gangster crime simulator it is your duty to plot the next big heist, recruit your team and execute the ideal heist.

Test your luck

You can become a rich crime boss by trying your luck at the clubhouse where you can play cards and hit the jackpot. At the casino, you can earn important prizes by participating in entertaining table games such as roulette, blackjack and slots.

Equip Weapons

Build your arsenal and vehicles to prepare for epic confrontations against powerful mafia groups and other enemies. You can personalize your characters by equipping them with various accessories and clothes, which will improve their strength and make them seem more authentic. If you have access to a huge arsenal of weapons and possess superhuman strength, you will have all you need to overcome any obstacle.

Choose your fighting style

You have access to a variety of weapons ranging from submachine guns to explosives, as well as bats, knives and even essentials like first aid kits and armor. You can surprise your enemies by rushing into combat while wearing the powerful Steel Suit, swinging across the city, scaling buildings, or using a Super Kick to solve your problems.

Check sidewalks and alleyways for hidden jewels and treasures, drive around tall buildings you don't know what you might discover, and search dark alleys to find more treasures among the notoriously dangerous streets of Sin City.

How to play

You can play with the mouse.