Wario Land 4

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Wario Land 4 is an adventure-platform video game. In the game, you will play as Wario on a journey to find treasure in a mysterious pyramid. On one occasion, Wario heard from the neighbors around that there was a golden pyramid deep in the forest. And according to what the villagers told each other, he was sure that there was a lot of gold in it. Unable to wait any longer, he flies to the rumored location, however he is not the only one to go there but also has an old professor and a cat. Join this adventurous adventure, who will get the gold and most importantly, who will return the whole life. With some features like wario land 4 hurry up, i think this game will give you great experience. Have fun !

Wario land 4 hurry up

Wario land 4 hurry up is actually a feature of this game. There is a timer displayed at the bottom of the screen when you have overcome all obstacles to enter the hardest level and that is also the last level. This feature will be indicated by the game publisher with a skull icon, when this icon shifts to 0 it means you will lose your life and like other players, you have to start from the beginning. Don't panic or panic because that's normal in this game, your job is to try to get through this end as quickly as possible, defeat all the enemies that stand in your way and pick up as many as you can. treasure the better. There is also a way for you to extend your time, which is to collect a banded meter along the way, this gives you more time to increase your survivability.

How to play

Wario Land 4 is a game released on the handheld game console platform, now we bring it online for you to satisfy your gaming passion. In this game, we can use the arrow keys to move the character, there is also the Z key to jump or the X key to use punches to fly monsters and big rocks in the way. However, in this version of the game, because we want to bring the best gaming experience to you, the developer has added a feature that can change the function keys to help you have the best gaming experience when you come with our website.But if you want to play more similar games, I would like to recommend the Pizza Tower game, this is also a very hot game and is being voted by a lot of people with 5 stars on the page. And lastly, have fun playing the game!