Wavy Trip

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About Wavy Trip

Wavy Trip is an interesting game that requires high mobility skills. Your task in this game is to control your plane to overcome different obstacles.

You must stay away from danger until the last minute in this exciting game. Along the way, there are many challenges to overcome. It is not simple to pass safely. Don't believe that you can quickly complete the level by doing basic operations, conquer the countless challenges in this game that is not as simple as it seems, so try it now.

You must navigate your way down a winding tunnel while avoiding hazards and keeping your distance from the wall. If you go through the rings, you will get points. If you touch the circumference of the ring you get one point and if you go through the center of the ring you get two points. You can upgrade your plane by collecting money when completing the game. Holding the left mouse button will make you fly upwards, which means you have to find your way through the tunnel to complete the journey. You are constantly being dragged down during the flight. The speed of the game increases throughout the course of the game and you have to be more careful to move to avoid losing.


  • Simple graphics, challenging gameplay.
  • The game can be controlled with just one finger at a time.
  • You won't need an internet connection to play this version of the game and it's completely free.

How to play

By clicking on the screen or using the mouse, you may control the plane. While avoiding hazards and the wall, you fly through a wavy tunnel. You receive points for passing through the rings, one point for touching the ring's edge, and two points for passing through the center of the ring. You amass coins along the journey to spend on different skins.