Wild West Survivor

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Description Wild West Survivor

Wild West Survivor is an extremely interesting top-down shooter with classic graphics. In the game, you will control a brave cowboy fighting scary monsters.

Do you like shooting guns? Fighting in conflicts is both difficult and dangerous. There are many enemies that want to bring you into this game, and they are all aimed at you. Grab your weapons and show them who the boss is by threatening them with your powers.

Move and make it your mission to wipe out any nasty animals or anyone with bad intentions chasing you. Your weapon can spin around you in a circle, allowing you to shoot up anyone coming behind you from any direction. Incorporating different types of activities helps prevent injury. You will not prevail if you are slower than them.

The color of the dice placed on your character's head will determine which shot you will make. The number that appears on the dice indicates the maximum number of times you are allowed to shoot that bullet. Be careful to avoid the monsters and shoot well if you want to wipe out every single one of them. Don't worry because even if you run out of ammo, the dice will keep rolling. If you have no more lives left, the game is over for you.

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How to play the game

  • Arrow / WASD = move
  • Mouse = target