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About ZigZagged

ZigZagged is a game with simple gameplay and a bit of drama. Your task is to control the guy in this game so he moves without falling off the cliff. This is an extremely interesting and addictive game that you should not miss. In ZigZagged, the alien came to Earth with his flying saucer. You must overcome mysterious alien experiments while facing various challenges as you escape.

Explore beautiful and exotic locations as you progress in the game and unlock new characters. Take advantage of bonuses and determine how far you are likely to go. Challenge yourself by trying to collect as many coins and attractive characters as possible.


  • Includes a total of 12 unique characters and 6 unique settings.
  • Each character has their own unique sound effects, environments, and avatars.
  • The bond pair commonly referred to is Revive and Coin Magnet.
  • Music, like other sounds, has a calming effect. We recommend using headphones.
  • Get free gifts every day.

How to play

You need to use the mouse to join the game

Note when playing: You need dexterity to help your character move, he is coming to earth for the first time and is nervous, help him go through the platforms without crashing. Along the way you can collect coins, in time jump over the cracked roads. If he falls, you will have to play that game again. I believe that you will quickly overcome the challenges in the game with your skill and agility. The game is suitable for everyone so you can invite your friends to join the game.